Nile River

nile river

The Nile is a major river in northeastern Africa. It is generally regarded as the longest river in the world.

Egypt, Africa


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Amazon River

amazon river

Amazon river, Brazil
-3.931685, -61.861562
There are over 3000 known species of fish that live in the Amazon River, with more constantly being discovered.
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Socotra Island

Socotra Island

Socotra Island, Yemen

12.592215, 53.815851

The island of Socotra constitutes around 95% of the landmass of the archipelago. It lies some 240 kilometres (150 mi) east of the Horn of Africa and 380 kilometres (240 mi) south of the Arabian Peninsula. The island is very isolated and a third of its plant life is found nowhere else on the planet. It has been described as “the most alien-looking place on Earth”. (source). If you are not interested in storage , then you have already missed a lot. Learn more about new hindi song, hindi song 2018 raagjatt at Benefit from fantastic savings on free hunting app , just by taking a look at If you are looking for direct lenders no credit checks then click here. In case you’re interested in knowing more info on carpet cleaning wimbledon, stop by If you are looking for direct lenders no credit checks then click here . rrbros17 made a real revolution in the industry.

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Pahang, Malaysia – Palm oil

The rapid expansion of palm oil plantations in the world’s tropical regions, particularly in Indonesia, is becoming an increasingly significant source of carbon emissions. Clearing the native trees to allow for the expansion of plantations as seen here in the Malaysian state of Pahang will add more than 558 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 2020 — an amount greater than all of Canada’s current fossil fuel emissions. The oil is most commonly used as a cooking ingredient in Africa, Asia, and Brazil.
Quality, natural products

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