Places to Visit to Enjoy Your Stay on Jeju Island

Jeju Island is a location for historic sightseeing, shopping, food tripping, and a lot more recreational activity. To enjoy your stay on Jeju Island, you have to visit many attractions site. The Jeju island has a type of landscape that you can view without driving down to the southern areas of the island. The island has a lot of amazing features for tourists. It has tourists’ attraction centers that house antiques and historic objects.

jeju island from abovePosition on the map: 33.495616, 126.582056

Jeju Island contains volcanic landscapes and beach resorts. One of the features characterized by the island is its cave-like lava tubes and craters. There are also ancient temples, mountains, and caves that will leave you in awe.


The Jeju Island is found in South Korea along latitude: 33.49⁰N and longitude: 126.50⁰E. The Island is located at the Jeju province of South Korea below the Korean peninsula. It can be found along the Korean strait.

Places to Visit on Jeju Island

There are different places to visit on Jeju Island. Checking out the landscapes and natural reserves will help you enjoy your stay on Jeju Island. Some of the places you can visit include:

  • The Hallasan National Park: One of the locations you will love to visit on Jeju Island is the Hallasan national park. The park contains the highest mountain in South Korea. It was labeled as one of the World Heritage Sites in 2007.
    It contains the shield volcano Hallasan and was labeled the 9th national park in 1970. It was also selected as a UNESCO biosphere reserve in South Korea. The Hallasan national park is also suitable for hiking due to its specific and amazing features.
  • The Manjanggul Cave: The Manjanggul cave is located at the Gujwaeup, Jeju city. This cave is a beautiful lava tube. It is up to 30 meters high, 23 meters wide, and 8.928 kilometers long.
    The Manjanggul Cave is the 12th most extended lava tube in the world. It is also the second-longest lava tube on Jeju Island. It is a historical site to visit on Jeju Island.
  • Cheonjiyeon Waterfall: The Cheonjiyeon waterfall is a place for you to visit if you love to watch the falling, beating, and splashing of water. The Cheonjiyeon waterfall is also located on Jeju Island.
    Cheonjiyeon means “sky connected with land.” It is a famous tourist attraction center. It is 12 meters wide and 22 meters high. The waterfall was labeled as a natural monument in South Korea.
  • Seongsan Ilchulbong: The Seongsan is a tourist attraction center. It is also called the Sunrise peak. It is an exemplary tuff cone highland formed from hydrovolcanic eruptions on a shallow seabed a long time ago. The view of this place is pleasant to the eyes, making tourists visit it frequently. The highland was formed over five thousand years ago.


Jeju Island is an excellent site for recreational activities because it houses many natural landscapes which include; waterfalls, caves, mountains, rivers, etc. Jeju Island is a good getaway location to visit in your free time. .

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